Page 75 - Rosh Hashana Greetings & Memorials 2020
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Ellen and John Moore
In Loving Memory of:
Selma and Sidney Koenig
Millie Schweig Golden Eleanor and and Carl Gross Rhoda and and Irwin Hoffberg Bob Itzkowitz
Buddy Schweig Bill Cohn
Audrey Miller
In Loving Memory of:
Sophie and and Edwin Ceitlin
Henrietta and and Morris Nickol Sadie Kaplan
Leah Kolodkin
Andre Simon
Taube Schwarzenberger
In Loving Memory of:
Robert Itzkowitz
Millie Schweig Golden Selma and and Sidney Koenig
Eleanor and and Carl Gross Bill Cohn
In Loving Memory of:
Dr Gilbert and and Jeanette Rubin
Sylvia and and Ben Fredman Mary (Manya) Rubin
In Loving Memory of:
Sonya and and Roy Dumont
Betty and and PC Prousnitzer Larry Dumont
James Sachs
Bonnie and Sam Nickol Judy Pearlstein
Ellyn Polsky
Charlene and Chuck Prousnitzer 

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