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Middle School iSeries Courses

             The SCPS Student Progression Plan requires iJourney (semester course) and either
             iConnect (high school credit, semester course) or iChallenge (semester OR yearlong
             coding course).

             Rock Lake Middle School presents the Raider Triple Crown Challenge: Over the course of your middle school career,
             take iJourney, iConnect, and iChallenge and
                  Earn an overall A, B or C grade for each course
                  Take and pass the certification exams in all three courses

             Meeting the Raider Triple Crown Challenge will earn distinction at the eighth grade awards assembly and honor on
             the future Raider Triple Crown Challenge Wall of Fame.

                                Rock Lake Middle School Program of Exploration:

                                        DIGITAL & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES

             The following courses are available through this Program of Exploration:

                  Exploring IT Careers (NEW!)                         iSeries courses:
                  Robotics                                                 iJourney (required, semester)
                  Intro to Gaming & Programming                            iConnect (HS credit, semester)

                  Digital Art                                              iChallenge [Coding] (semester or yearlong)
                  Digital Information Technology (NEW!)               **iJourney and 1 other iSeries course is required for middle school
                  T.V. Production

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