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             Seminole County Schools recognizes today’s students learn in different ways, at different rates, and on different

             schedules. Our schools now offer the flexibility to accommodate today’s students and families through a variety of
             educational pathways. Because of the unique needs of the 21st Century learner, flexible schooling options are available
             to provide students with an optimal learning situation. Students have the opportunity to blend traditional face-to-face
             instruction with virtual courses. These different pathways to learning are called ePathways.

             Through ePathways, students may select from a variety of course options that can be taken in a modern classroom
             setting or in a virtual environment. Students may choose to take advantage of the variety of courses that are offered

             through Seminole County Virtual School. For each course taken, students will be assigned to a computer lab for a
             period as part of the regular school day. It is recommended that a student start by taking only one virtual course at a
             time, but can take up to three courses at a time while remaining a Rock Lake student.

                                                                                                        6  GRADE
                                                                                        M/J Business Keyboarding (SEMESTER)

                                                                                        M/J Fitness – PE (Grade 6) (SEMESTER)

                  Please visit the Seminole County Virtual School                                       7  GRADE
              website for more information and course descriptions:                 M/J Comprehensive PE (Grade 7) (SEMESTER)
                                                                                                        8  GRADE
                                                                                M/J Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (SEMESTER)
                                                                                   M/J  Comprehensive PE (Grade 8) (SEMESTER)
                                                                                    Biology 1 (High School Credit Course) (YEAR)
                                                                                Personal Fitness (High School Credit Course) (YEAR)

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