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      The BMW S1000RR features four signature riding modes -- Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Race. Each of them separately affects engine power, throttle response, as well as the influence of the various electronic aids on the motorcycle. A three-way-adjustable Race Pro setting has replaced the previous Slick mode and allows riders to individually customize electronic settings such as wheelie, engine-brake, and wheelspin control. For those that need a break from the high-performance behavior of the motorcycle, cruise control is also an option as is the newly introduced Hill Start Control, and don’t forget about the Pit Lane Limiter for those with a track day bug.
The S1000RR has received an all-new chassis being dubbed “Flex Frame” by the BMW Motor- rad engineers. They modified the frame, subframe, and swingarm for the right amount of rigid- ity and weight. The twin-spar alloy frame is 2.7 pounds lighter and relies more on the engine
as a load-bearing component. It operates with a 0.4-degree steeper steering head angle (23.1 degrees) with a corresponding 0.1-inch reduction in trail (3.69 inches). The subframe is lighter, too, as is the swingarm (0.66 pound). It’s also longer, pushing wheelbase to 56.7 inches (0.35 inch longer than the 2015–2018 model). Furthermore, the swingarm pivot offers adjustment in a range of 0.16 inch.

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