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  “I had to pull all my tear-offs and then I had no tear-offs the rest of the race.”
it’s been, first race back from being injured, and all that stuff. I didn’t ride my best there and the track was already a little slippy and sloppy, so I had to go to the LCQ. I knew it was important to get a good start and I got a pretty good start, worked my way up
to 4th past my teammates and just tried to ride smart and keep it there so I could get it in the main event. It was tough though, the ran really did start comin’ down when that 250 LCQ was out there, so the track was just getting worse and worse. It was hard to see and vision was obviously not ideal so it
was tough, but I tend not to mind those conditions so I got the job done and got in the main event. It’s always good to get out of there and into the main event, be- cause anything can happen in that short race.
The main event didn’t go as planned from the start, but you made the best of it... In the main event, my roll-off film came out from behind the little track that goes in and sepa- rated from the lens, so wa- ter got back in there. I had to pull off like first or second lap or whatever it was and then my backup goggles
were tear-offs, because we didn’t know whether it was going to be raining or not. So I stopped in and got
the tear-offs but water got behind those because it was raining pretty hard, so
I had to pull all my tear-offs and then I had no tear-offs the rest of the race. The other bummer with stopping right away was that I had
a bad start with a little tip over at the beginning, so by the time I stopped and got new goggles I was already getting lapped. It was hard to get going in the race, because I didn’t want to get anybody’s way but then I’m trying to race but I’m also

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