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Obviously, the difference in measure- ments also translates to a difference in weight -- the F850GS topped out at 505lb with a full tank of fuel whereas the Adventure version stands at 538lbs with a full tank. Coincidentally, that’s the same weight as the 2018 version of the R1200GS, but that’s soon to change with the 2019 model and the upgrade to the R1250GS.
As the name implies, the capacity of the boxer twin is being increased in the 2019 model, rising by 84cc from 1170cc to 1254cc for the upcom- ing year. Naturally, the power will
be boosted from 123.3hp to 134hp, peaking at 7750rpm in the same fashion as the current model. The new engine will feature much stronger low-end performance due to a vari- able valve timing system (the first on a BMW motorcycle), changing valve timing and overlap as revs rise to im- prove emissions and low-end torque without demoting peak performance.
Just as is with the smaller bike, the largely new engine will be bolted to the practically identical chassis, re- taining most of the same dimensions at the current RS1200GS. The 2019 model is the same exact length as the existing edition, while the Adventure version is merely .6 inches longer. Additionally, the wheelbases remain unchanged at 59 inches for the GS and 59.8 inches for the Adventure. Inherently, all of these modifications are going to add more weight to the new model as well. Both models gain a total of 11lb, bringing the R1250GS up to a total of 549lbs. The Adventure is heavier, mainly in part due to the bigger fuel tank (more than 2.5 gal- lons larger), tipping the scales with a full tank at 591lbs.
The official reveal of the bikes is just around the corner as they’re set to debut at the Intermot show in Cologne at the beginning of October along with the remainder of BMW Motorrad’s 2019 lineup.

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