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previous victories, assuming the role of the team leader behind their manager, Pas- cal Finot. They received a lot of criticism for leaving American based rider, Marvin Musquin, on the sidelines, but they made it clear after three motos at RedBud that they picked a winning team. They are one of the few countries that can afford to pass on one of their best riders and have the means to replace an injured rider with a serious contender -- that’s exactly what happened when Romain Febvre turned up injured and they had to replace him at the last minute with former MX2 World Cham- pion, Jordi Tixier. In 2017, France chose former motocrosser turned enduro racer, Christophe Charlier, as their MX2 rider and they still won handily. It seems as though Les Bleus can do no wrong in recent years and there’s a definite shift of power oc- curring within the worldwide scope of motocross racing.

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