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Team Great Britain’s success at the Motocross des Nations dates way back to the inaugural running of the event in Wassenaar, Netherlands in 1947 when they became the first country to win the Peter Cham- berlain Trophy. It was then that they asserted their dominance for the upcoming years of competition, winning a total of fifteen times in the next twenty years. In the early stages of the Motocross des Nations, Great Britain was practically as dominant as Team USA throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. It took a total of twenty-seven years until the Brits stood on the top step of the podium again at the world-renowned event, breaking the thirteen-year win streak of the Americans in 1994 with Rob Herring, Paul Malin, and Kurt Nicoll. Twenty-four years have since passed and Great Britain have yet to make their way back to

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