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In 2019, BMW has taken it upon themselves to advance the category even farther, employing one of the most radical overhauls of their adven- ture line since its inception. The new R1250GS and the R1250GS Adventure replacing the top of the line R1200 duo, and a new F850GS Adven- ture heading the F-series family.
So, what exactly qualifies the 2019 iteration of the F850GS to earn the name ‘Adventure’ in the title? Visual changes include a more stunted, stockier fender above the front wheel with a tall- er, adjustable screen rounding out the cockpit. The front cowl of the bike is also a little bit wider, making it a little more stable in the process. Ad- ditionally, there’s a significantly larger fuel tank, assumably a couple of gallons more than the current F850GS, accompanied by an extended fairing that provides added protection as well as a slightly different look. The engine is cradled by a crash bar and there’s also a cylindrical, steel luggage rack at the back of the bike, completing a fairly radical overhaul of the physical makeup of the machine. As far as what’s underneath the cosmetic exterior, there’s no official information from BMW, although there’s been some heavily rumored specs floating around the internet. A parallel 853cc twin boasting a completely new design, unrelated to the previous F800, that
has been borrowed from the F850GS that was revealed a year ago will be the star of the show -- producing 95hp at 8250rpm with premium fuel and 90hp at 8000rpm on regular fuel.

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