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MIt’s a make or break year for Broc Tickle as he moves into a one year deal with the Red Bull KTM team as Ryan Dungey’s replacement. The Michiganian is a proven supercross champion, winning the 250 West SX title in 2011 under the Pro Circuit Kawasaki canopy. It would be fair to consider Tickle as a veteran of the sport at this stage, bursting onto the scene in the 250 class way back in 2006 for the last three outdoor nationals. He has contested the 450cc ranks for five entire years of supercross and motocross on a Kawasaki and a Suzuki; a run that has been filled with moderate success by way of sporadic podium finishes and solid top five results. Tickle put together the best premier class supercross finish (and the first podium) of his career last year at the Rogers Centre, holding onto third place after a fierce battle with the eventual champion, Dungey. Not only is Tickle replacing the 2017 champion at the Red Bull KTM
team, he’s also fitting in to the Baker’s Factory in Dungey’s stead. There is absolutely no guesswork left in Tickle’s program heading into 2018. His bike, trainer, facility, and team are all top notch and there is no excuse to not produce results. The environment that he has chosen to surround himself with heading into Anaheim 1 will leave him more prepared than ever, and Tickle has the potential to put together a breakout year of results in 2018. A one year contract with the Red Bull KTM team should be enough motivation to bring the best out of the Michigan native and it’s surely going to make things interesting when the gate drops at the beginning of January.
“The mental side of the game is huge but I also feel like the spiritual side is as important and it gets overlooked a lot. You just have to find a balance between the mental, spiritual, and physical side in order to prepare yourself for anything and you have to be tough; nobody’s going to be nice to you because we all want the same thing.”

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