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Motorcycle clubs are a subculture that has been deeply rooted in America’s history since the middle of the twen- tieth century. The true essence of a motorcycle club embodies the spirit
of brotherhood, nonconformity and
a unique set of ideology that creates
a separation to the social norm. It typically involves a large group of as- sorted Harley Davidsons, cruisers and choppers all destined to explore the open road. In Bellingham, Massachu- setts in the mid 1980’s, Jerry Bernardo and company had another vision; they formed a motorcycle club around one of the gnarliest motorcycle disciplines known to man: hare scrambles. In 1986 FAHQ Racing was born in a dingy suburban basement. Sometimes known as “the good team with the bad name”, FAHQ Racing was a group of Massholes that put good times and motorcycles at the top of their priorities list. In addition to his responsibilities as the Prez for Life of FAHQ Racing, Ber- nardo also had a passion for art that long preceded his love of motorcycles. The Massachusetts native served as the clubs graphic designer as well; creating t-shirts, hats, stickers and
so forth. His passion for painting bled over into his professional life as well spending time fresh out of art school honing his craft in a sign shop. It wasn’t long until he found a way to combine both passions as he became more interested in motorcycles, becoming fairly well known for his helmet painting talents. Shortly thereafter, Bernardo made the move out west to
California and stumbled upon other ventures such as TV presenting, an- nouncing, pit reporting and a bit of racing as well. Seven years ago he decided to make the move down to Australia where he currently earns his living as a graphic designer, all the while sticking to his Massachusetts roots abroad.
We dove into some of the trials and tribulations of going on a FAHQ trail ride, the single greatest adventure of his jam-packed life and the difference between the east coast and west coast vibe.

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