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What sparked your interest in motorcycles and dirt track to begin with?
Well, I guess back at the
time when I was...I guess, impressionable -- I was eight, nine, ten years old -- there were fields and stuff all around my house and almost every kid in the neighborhood started out with little Briggs & Stratton three horsepower mini-bikes. Around 1969 to 1970 when I was about ten years old, Yamaha came
out with the Mini Enduro. They had the Honda Mini Trails out and a lot of people had those, but they didn’t really look like a motorcycle. Yamaha came out with the Mini Enduro and then Honda followed with the SL70, so every kid would come home from school and if we didn’t have some sort of ball practice then we’d jump on our mini bikes and go ride in the fields. We were just doin’ it for fun, I just liked to ride.

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