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GRP, Polycarbonate roofing & roofing accessories specialists
7 De Leeuw Place,Te Rapa Park, Hamilton
Distribution Centres: Hamilton, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Invercargill
Ph: 07 850 5088, Fax: 07 850 5003
Freephone: 0800 257 964
Alsynite Accessories a complete translucent roofing package of all associated roofing accessories; Alsynite Industrial
& Laserlite Polycarbonate fire rated sheeting. NZBC fire group 1-S rated. Available in six profiles; Alsynite Industrial Turbine Ventilators a full range available up to 900mm diameter; Alsynite Multipurpose Fasteners 14g GRP and polycarbonate fastener for timber batons and steel purlins available in 50mm and 65mm; Alsynite TwinWall 5 Rib profile fluted polycarbonate sheeting. Available in clear and bronze; Crystalite 6mm flat solid acrylic sheeting and complete joining system. Clear and grey tints; Custom Glaze 600 polycarbonate wide flat pan roofing 2mm thick. Clear, bronze and grey tints, and diffused opal; Eurolite polycarbonate profiled roofing. Corrugate/greca/5 rib profiles. Clear/bronze/ grey tints and diffused opal in corrugate and greca; Green- Vent Solar eco friendly 300mm solar power driven vent
fitted with humidistat and thermostat; Laserlite 2000 Plus premium grade polycarbonate profiled roofing: corrugate/ greca/5 rib profiles. Clear/bronze/grey tints; Laserlite 2000 Plus Twinwall flat fluted polycarbonate sheeting. 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thicknesses and all accessories; Laserlite 3000 premium grade polycarbonate profiled roofing: corrugate and greca profiles. Ice, platinum and gun metal; Laserlite Lap Connector no more unsightly joins. Revolutionary lap system for corrugate and greca profiled roofing; Lumino Tubular Skylight budget skylight, brings natural light into home or office; Mighty-tites & One Shot Fasteners self-drilling 12g class 4 55mm polycarbonate assembled time saver fastening system complete with 26mm DEKs washer. Drills wood batons and steel purlins. Suitable for high wind zones; Sky Tunnel
top quality skylight, brings natural light in to the larger home or office; Spinaway Vent rotary roof vent ideal for expelling damp air in winter reducing moisture and hot air in summer; Sunline budget polycarbonate profiled roofing, corrugate
only. Clear/bronze/grey/opal tints; Sunshade PVC budget corrugated roofing in opal and clear; Topglass GC premium grade gelcoated fibreglass (GRP) roofing. All profiles. Various weights and lengths. Clear, variety of pigments and solid colours. Also available in fire retardant grades
The leaders in natural lighting options
79 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland 1061
PO Box 13090, Onehunga, Auckland 1643
Ph: 09 634 5366, Fax: 09 622 2060
Freephone: 0800 267 354
Palmerston North
16 Noel Rodgers Drive
Ph: 06 356 5936, Fax: 06 359 5937
Freephone: 0800 267 354
29 Halwyn Drive, Hornby
Ph: 03 349 4674, Fax: 03 349 2873
Freephone: 0800 267 354
Ampelair wind driven ventilators domestic and industrial available in 300mm - 900mm size ranges; Ampelite Accessories complete translucent roofing accessories to compliment Ampelite NZ entire roofing range; Clearfix Fasteners the ultimate polycarbonate fastening system, pre-drills and self centers during installation, save up to
50% installation time; Coolite IR polyester fiber roofing
sheet that reduces heat build up while maintaining the highest level of light transmission; Dual Roof dual layers of industrial fiberglass/polycarbonate roofing system, for superior condensation, moisture and R value performance; Easyclick DIY polycarbonate roof panels available in grey, opal, clear 16mm thickness with 250mm width; Handy Panel polycarbonate glazing sheet, light weight 4mm clear twinwall sheet ideal
for signage, temporary glazing repairs, glass houses available 610mm W x 1200mm L; Lexan Thermoclear twinwall & multiwall architectural polycarbonate glazing system; Lexan Thermoclick wall panel for profile free facades, 40mm thickness and available in different sizes; Permaglas industrial grade fiberglass available in standard and XL Grade; Room Lite solar lighting tube for effective low cost solution for lighting up dark areas available in 400mm size; SL Fire Retardant
fire retardant roofing, that has a Bromine free formulation with a 25 year warranty for both water penetration and
light transmission; Solasafe premium polycarbonate roofing sheeting available in clear, opal, bronze, grey with profiles of corrugate, greca, 5-rib and available in different lengths from 1.8 up to 6.0 meters; SS40 industrial polycarbonate sheeting
in opal; Suncall low cost translucent PVC roofing available
in opaque only and different lengths and corrugated profile; Sunclear clear PVC roofing, corrugated profile, available in different lengths,sheet coverage 610mm & 760mm; Webglas GC polyester sheeting reinforced with heavy gauge woven web matting available in many profiles and colours; Wonderglas S-996 gel coated polyester sheeting, available in many roofing profiles
Aorangi Merchants
31 Laughton St, Washdyke, Timaru
PO Box 2082, Washdyke, Timaru 7941
Ph: 03 686 6300, Fax: 03 688 2706
ARS pruning tools - Japan; BULLDOG garden tools - UK; EZ Reacher litter picking tools - USA; Hickok tools for fruit harvesting - USA; IDEALSPATEN axes - Germany; Jameson fibreglass poles and accessories - USA; Manzana tools for
fruit harvesting - Spain; Metallo professional pruning and harvest tools - Holland; MOSS irrigation - Australia; Pro Horto horticultural tools - New Zealand; SAMURAI saws - Japan; SWISS iSTOR sharpeners - Switzerland; VACA girdling tools - USA; Vesco Professional Pruning Tools - Italy; WOLF-Garten garden tools - Germany; Z-Saw pruning saws - Japan
Dunlop Building Products
15 Alfred Street, Onehunga, Auckland 1061
PO Box 19549, Christchurch 8241
Fax: 09 622 8568
Freephone: 0800 224 070
Ardex Shelterseal 3000X system a high performance
peel & stick external damp-course membrane + connected system products; Dunlop Butynol range of waterproofing products; Dunlop Concrete Range including a fibre re-inforced, extra-strength concrete and rapid-set, high MPa PostcreteTM; Dunlop Flooring & Tiling Adhesives providing
a comprehensive array of economical and high performance tiling and flooring adhesives supporting todays most requested floor surfaces; Dunlop Grouts & Silicones offering quality product in contemporary colours; Dunlop Liquid Applied Waterproofing and damp-proofing solutions including an express waterproofing system for rapid results; Dunlop Sub- Floor Preparation products including repair mortars, floor surface smoothing compound, plus Bulk-fill, and floor levelling mixes
SUSAN: 09 304 2706 | KAREN: 09 304 2707 with your contact details to assist in getting your products in front of retail buyers.

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