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  14. Louisiana State Museum: Check out the history, culture and industry of Louisiana at the Louisiana State Museum. It consists of nine museums covering topics like the Civil War, slavery and civil liberties.
15. Louisiana State University Tiger Stadium: Visit LSU’s outdoor stadium, home to the university’s football team. Also known as “Death Valley,” it holds a capacity of 102,321 spectators and is the ninth largest stadium in the world.
16. Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum: Learn about rural life in Louisiana during the 18th and 19th centuries. The LSU Rural Life Museum consists of 30 buildings full of artifacts, tours and exhibits. The history museum holds the largest collection of local Louisiana architecture and historical objects.
17.Alex Box Stadium: Check out the Alex Box Stadium, home of LSU’s baseball team. It got its name from Simeon Alexander Box, who was an outfielder LSU Tiger killed in WWII. The new stadium opened in 2009 and seats 10,326 spectators.
18. Magnolia Mound Plantation: Observe the French Creole house which was first a cottage in Baton Rouge. The architectural style of the plantation displays the influence of the West Indies and early French settlers in Louisiana.
19.Tin Roof Brewery: Try fresh and local beer via a free tour at Tin Roof Brewery. It offers the finest American and European malts and five regular brews to choose from. They also produce seasonal brews — perfect for any beer enthusiast.
20.Avery Island: Explore Avery Island, which is home to Jungle Gardens and TABASCO® tours. You can take a picnic to the island and walk around or choose to do a little more exploring.
21. Louisiana State University Hilltop Arboretum: Discover Hilltop Arboretum, where you can view 14 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers, especially in the springtime. Look over a ravine or adventure through the tree canopies. Located on Highland Road, you can check out their many events throughout the year.
22. Louisiana State University sports events: Attend free sports events throughout the year to support LSU athletes. Often, sports such as soccer and gymnastics are free compared to football, baseball and basketball games. You can grab a few snacks and enjoy the game.
23. University Lake: Walk around LSU’s University Lake, ride your bike or bring a picnic for the day. The distance around the lake is four miles, with the highest climb reaching 19 feet. You can pass the time by enjoying the views or spending the whole afternoon in a tranquil visit.
24. Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science: Take time out of your day to visit LSU’s Museum of Natural Science. With more than a million insects, arthropod specimens and preserved animals, you can learn so much! The museum will also teach you about Louisiana Native Americans, Antarctica and the history of Mike the Tiger — LSU’s mascot!
25. BREC Parks: Stroll around BREC parks, which are across East Baton Rouge Parish. You can even bring your children, as it’s a safe place for them to play and explore among playgrounds and splash pads. Most areas have free Wi-Fi, perfect if you have business to attend to.
26. Antique and gift shops: Explore Government Street in Baton Rouge to find various antique and gift shops. It’s always fun to look around and find things in an antique shop specific to the city.
27. Art and crafts market: Come downtown to see different arts and crafts vendors at the market. The first Saturday of every month allows you to gander at diverse pieces.
28. Martial arts: Kick it to new levels by watching a martial arts demonstration in Baton Rouge. Many instructors offer your first few classes free!
29. Swine Palace: Watch a production at Swine Palace, which is associated with LSU’s Department of Theatre. It’s a non-profit organization that holds various events throughout the year — a great way to experience theater and support LSU.
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