Page 23 - Ollie the Observant
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The fable, Ollie the Observant, is a story about learning how to become admired and trusted. Ollie was a stranger in his new home but by observing others, using his Good Thinking and engaging in Thumbs Up behavior, he was able to earn the admiration and trust of all of the other owls.
You are not born knowing how to be successful and happy. You are not born knowing how to be admired and trusted. But you can learn these skills by observing others.
Pay attention to how others, who are admired and trusted, behave toward others. They may not be able to explain it to you but by paying attention, you can teach it to yourself.
True admiration, as it is in this story, has nothing to do with being rich or beautiful or strong. In our story, as in your own adult world, it comes from being willing to do the difficult things that many people avoid doing.
In your life, having others admire you can be as simple as doing your homework correctly each and every day. It can be as simple as always having something nice to say to others and never trying to purposefully hurt another’s feelings. It is as simple as helping another without ever expecting to be rewarded in any way.

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