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As you read the Adventures of Cosmos Crow, you will understand that when you have Stinky Thinking you almost always have Not OK Emotions that result in Thumbs Down Behaviors.
But you can change that Stinky Thinking to Good Thinking and you will then have OK Emotions that will result in Thumbs Up Behaviors.
Unfortunately, a lot of the characters in Cosmos’ adventures have Stinky Thinking and things don’t work out for them very nicely. But Cosmos will explain this and help you learn the skills of Good Thinking so you can have a happier and more successful life.
Cosmos includes Worksheets after the Fable to help you understand the story.
Cosmos includes a Quiz to see how much you really did remember about the story. The Cosmos’ suggested answers are at the bottom of the last page, Story Page of the fable.
In Cosmos Explains, Cosmos will talk about how the fable can apply to your real life.
Parents Notes help parents understand the fable so they can help you learn the skills of Good Thinking.
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