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7th JDC-1395: Dr. Ludovic Ladmirault deposed that he has been a partner with Benjamin Poydras since 1841 in Poydras’ False River plantation, the subject property.
7th JDC-1494: Testimony that Dr. Ludovic Ladmirault has lived in Benjamin Poydras’ False River residence, the subject property, since being in partnership with Poydras.
CB 1855-3497: Widow and children of late Benjamin Poydras de la Lande sell to Poydras’ cousin Charles Poydras a tract on False River measuring eight and one-half by 40 arpents, including the subject property.
NOTE: Charles Poydras was already in possession of the property to the west, likewise formerly Benjamin Poydras’, and Charles lived and continued to live in a house on that other property (house demolished circa 1950).
CB 1868-8308: Charles Poydras sells to Mary Calvin, colored woman by whom he had a natural daughter, Charlotte Poydras, wife of Alphonse St. Amant, also colored: a six by 40 arpent tract, being the subject property.
7th JDC-1494: Testimony that Mary Calvin lived with Charles Poydras in his residence to the west of subject property, while their daughter- Charlotte Poydras St. Amant-and her family lived in the former Benjamin Poydras house, the subject property.
CB 1874-10060: Sheriff’s sale proceeding from the suit of Benjamin Poydras’ widow and children vs. Charles Poydras, filed for Charles’ nonpayment of the subject property: the subject property is adjudicated to the Widow Benjamin Poydras.
CB 1876-10905: Widow Benjamin Poydras sells to John Yoist the subject property.
NOTE: John Yoist likewise acquires the Charles Poydras plantation and residence to the west, and hereby re-consolidates the two holdings into one, 596-acre plantation. Yoist lives in the Charles Poydras house. Occupants of the Benjamin Poydras house unknown.
CB 1901-19816: John Yoist sells to William McCausland the 596-acre Poydras Plantation, with two residences, their occupants unknown.
CB 1901-20054: William McCausland sells to Edward Langlois the 596-acre Poydras Plantation, with the two residences; Langlois continues to live in the town of New Roads and occupants of two Poydras houses unknown.
CB 1908-25782: At sheriff’s sale of goods of Edward Langlois, the 596-acre Poydras Plantation, including the two houses, are bought by Albin Major.
NOTE: Major lives temporarily in Charles Poydras house, until he moves into town of New Roads. Charles Poydras house then occupied circa 1916-circa 1950 by family of George Langlois, plantation overseer.
Benjamin Poydras house, the subject property, is occupied during this period first by family of Jean Baptiste Langlois, plantation hostler; next by family of Henri Perrault, plantation blacksmith; next by Terrance family, plantation tenants. House thereafter abandoned and slated for demolition until purchase by Dr. and Mrs. Jack Holden.
 RE: The St. Amant family of Pointe Coupee, please note that they are direct descendants of late 18th century New Orleanians Joseph Edouard St. Amant and Josephine LeDuff, free woman of color, (she, in turn, being the daughter of Jacques LeDuff and Josephine Rousseve). The St. Amant’s son, Alphonse Desir St. Amant (born in New Orleans 1819-died on False River in 1878) married in Point Coupee to Marie Charlotte Poydras, free woman of color (natural daughter of Julien Poydras’ cousin Charles Poydras and Mary Calvin, free woman of color). As overseer for this father-in-law, St. Amant and family lived in your “Maison Chenal” home when it was located on False River (present day intersection of False River Drive and Major Parkway). LeDuff relatives appear to have accompanied and/or closely followed the St. Amants in relocating to Pointe Coupee. Both were considerably large families by the late 19th century, but few bearing the names continue to live in the area today. More are descendants through the female lines, such as Gen. Honore, whose mother was Udell St. Amant.

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