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CB 1881-12768: Sale by Joachin Sambola of New Orleans to Louis Dalmas: the subject property.
NOTE: Personal interview with Lottie Jarreau Mathis, a Fabre descendant, local oral historian and neighbor to the subject property: Louis Dalmas, better known as “Pa Louis Dalmas,” was a former slave of the Mathis’ great-grandparents Manuel Britto and Madeleine Fabre Britto. “Pa Louis” in 1920 U.S. Census listed as 110-year-old.
(Year 1922) CB D-6168: Successions of Louis Dalmas and Odile Lazard Dalmas, wife: subject property inherited in equal proportions by their three children: Jules Dalmas, Charlotte Dalmas Colas and Rose Dalmas George.
NOTE: Personal interview with Murray LeBeau, longtime resident and oral historian of the area: Jules Dalmas, better known as “TiTi Dalmas,” was a musician and moved to New Orleans to participate in the beginnings of the jazz movement in that city.
(Year 1933) CB I-1115: Sheriff’s sale proceeding from suit of Albin Major vs. Charlotte Dalmas Colas, Rose Dalmas George and Jules Dalmas: subject property seized, sold and adjudicated to Frank A. LeJeune.
(Year 1933) CB I-1143: Sale by Frank A. LeJeune to Carolotte Dalmas Colas and Rose Dalmas George: the subject property.
(Year 1934) CB I-3062: Sale by Charlotte Dalmas Colas and husband, Stanislas Colas, to Frank A. LeJeune: their 1⁄2 interest in subject property.
(Year 1939) CB O-927: Sheriff’s sale proceeding from suit of Antonia Pourciau LeJeune, wife of Frank A. LeJeune, vs. Succession of Rose Dalmas George: Mrs. LeJeune is adjudicated Mrs. George’s 1⁄2 interest in subject property.
(Year 19471) CB R-914: Succession of Frank A. LeJeune: his children, Wade F. LeJeune and sisters, acquire their late father’s 1⁄2 interest in subject property.
(Year 1942): Succession of Antonia Pourciau LeJeune: her children, Wade F. Lejeune and sister, acquired their late mother’s 1⁄2 interest in the subject property. Alluded to in following act:
(Year 1947) CB Z-1580: Wade F. LeJeune and sisters sell to Noah Guidroz the subject property.
(Year 1974) CB 114-280: Noah Guidroz sells to Charles F. Segura the subject property, less 50’ lot at extreme northeastern corner of property and Guidroz’ residential lot at extreme southern boundary of the property but west of La. Hwy. 1.
(Year 1987) CB 319-184: Dation en Paiment for Charles F. Segura et ux to Peoples Bank & Trust: the subject property on riverbank, including the house.
(Year 1988) CB 331-174: Peoples Bank & Trust sells to Edmond Wade Shows, et al: the subject property on the riverbank. See also Map Book 5, Map No. 112 which shows subject riverbank lot with house.
(Year 1995) CB 397-176): Edmond Wade Shows, et al sells to John K. Snyder: the subject property on the riverbank.
In larger bedroom of Bayou House a Louisiana made
four poster bed of sycamore wood.
  Acadian hide bottom chair

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