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is FDA-approved for leukemia and lymphoma patients who have not responded to any other treatment and has remarkable results in past trials: 50 percent of lymphoma patients enter sustained remission. In leukemia, 90 percent enter remission, but half of those relapse within a year, Fry said. Researchers want to improve those odds and also take on more cancers—including solid tumors that represent a new level of complexity in targeting.
Fry and his team plan to begin infusing patients with cells attacking CD19 antigens on campus in the summer of 2020. The next iteration of an Anschutz Medical Campus trial, Fry said, will be infusions targeting two antigens at once, CD19 and CD22. “The goal of the next trial we open is a true, novel, first-in-human trial conducted using the infrastructure being enabled by the current trial,” he said.
“This puts us on the map as one of the few centers in the
U.S. that are not just participating in other peoples’ trials, but running our own, and with novel therapies that have potential to take us beyond b-cell malignancies such as leukemia and lymphoma,” Fry said. “It’s really important, given the investment the campus has made in cell therapy that we can be part of that dialogue.
“The long-term vision is that we can produce drug product and run trials of investigators targeting cancers outside the area of hematology. We’re already having conversations about new treatments for solid tumors such as colorectal and pancreatic cancer.”
We’re proud to play our part in this new era of CU-led research and treatment. Delivering innovations in cell-based immune therapies from the minds of our research members into treatments for patients in need has always been the vision for the GBF. And now we are there.
  The GBF will manufacture modified CAR-T cells for injection into clinical trial patients at University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado.
    Terry Fry, M.D., Director of Cancer Immunotherapy and Gates Center member, plans to begin clinical trials in 2020 at University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado using GBF- manufactured CAR-T cells for injection into clinical trial patients.
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