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During the year, the Gates Center helped support a wide va- riety of training activities in the CSD program. Student Adam Almeida received support to travel to the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, to attend a workshop on quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Student Zeke Thomas received support to travel to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD to attend a workshop on computational modeling and simulations of protein dynamics. In addition, 22 students and postdocs received support to travel and present their work at national and international conferences, including: Society for Developmental Biology, Boston, MA; American Society for Cell Biology, Washington, D.C.; Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, IL; North American Cystic Fibro- sis Conference, Nashville, TN; American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, Philadelphia, PA; Keystone Symposium on Islet Biology: From Gene to Cell to Micro-organ, Santa Fe, NM; Southwestern Regional Meeting of the Society for De- velopmental Biology, Denver, CO; Gordon Research Confer- ence on Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Tissue Regenera-
tion, Barga, Italy; Western Region Islet Study Group, Victoria, Canada; EMBO Workshop on Emerging Concepts of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton, Villarrica, Chile.
Teaching and outreach is a core value of the CSD program, and Gates Center support helped support programs for 7th grade students from Slavens Middle School to learn about cell biology and careers in biomedical research; a Bootcamp Program to teach fundamental techniques in cell and molec- ular biology to summer research interns at the high school and undergraduate levels; a recruitment trip to Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO; and a guest speaker at the first-ever Colorado Science Policy Summit, which brought together sci- entists, science policy advocates and policy makers from the Colorado legislature and U.S. Congress.
The Gates Center looks forward to continuing to help sup- port, grow and promote this superb program.
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