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 The following financial statement reflects the operations of the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine, which has been the recipient of funding from a number of sources including the University of Colorado Foundation, the University of Colorado President’s Office, the CU Anschutz Chancellor’s Office, the Gates Frontiers Fund, our hospital partners and private donors. We continue to collaborate with other centers, departments and divisions on campus, as well as our hospital partners, and in many cases funding flows through these other entities in such a manner that our financial statement does not fully capture the extent of our activities and philanthropic support. Likewise, research performed by individual Gates Center members is funded directly through federal and state research grants, private foundations and individual donations, along with targeted support from the Gates Center.
Overall, Gates Center expenditures are designed to fuel the research of the future. In addition to providing research support to its members, the Gates Center operates four core laboratory facilities (Flow Cytometry, Morphology and Phenotyping, Bioengineering, and Stem Cell Biobank & Disease Modeling), and it provides laboratory infrastructure to members for work done outside of the core facilities. The Gates Center’s affiliation with the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility is a critical strategic asset in both moving therapies into clinical trials and promoting the retention and recruitment of top talent. Commercialization support, education and outreach, and marketing and development activities are also provided as part of the overall Gates Center mission.
Fiscal Year 2019 was the fourth year of operations under a five-year funding agreement between the Gates Frontiers Fund, the University of Colorado Foundation, the University of Colorado President’s Office and the CU Anschutz Chancellor’s Office. Additionally, the Gates Center was a critical partner in garnering over $3,653,475 in new philanthropic support for key initiatives described in more detail throughout this report.
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