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 Gates Summer Internship Program students
 Gates Center member Terry Fry, M.D. emphasizes the crucial importance of the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility to the Anschutz Medical Campus.
 Investigators work in Gates Center labs.
 Tsion Habte, an undergraduate from Ethiopia, and Jill Cowperthwaite on right visit on the last day of Tsion’s summer internship in Dr. Roop’s Laboratory.
   The Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine brings together and supports brilliant researchers and clinicians in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine in order to accelerate discoveries from the lab through clinical trials to therapies and cures.
The center was established in 2006 on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus with a generous gift in the memory of business entrepreneur and philanthropist Charles C. Gates. The Gates Center works across campus and with many other research partners, bringing together and fostering world-class research and clinical talent, regulatory and intellectual property expertise, commercial partners and diverse funding. Our facilities and member benefits include core labs, patented cell production platforms, the best-in- class Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production center at the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility, business development and commercial guidance, affiliation with undergraduate and graduate education programs, and more.
The Gates Center strategic plan embraces the following value drivers:
• Frontier Spirit: Fostering research with an entrepreneurial
approach, balancing risks, opportunities and resources to minimize barriers to success and staying focused on producing tangible patient benefits.
• Talent: Pursuing, retaining and developing accomplished, passionate, and innovative change agents in both research and clinical settings.
• Collaboration: Serving as an indispensable resource, connector and shepherd of groundbreaking ideas and solid science, coordinating and optimizing outcomes for all of our partners and customers. Charles C. Gates said it: “No one does their best work alone.”
• Patient Outcomes: Accelerating discoveries from the lab through clinical trials that lead to effective therapies and cures for those most in need of scientific breakthroughs.
Although the Gates Center is always open to new opportunities through discoveries or funding, its primary areas of research focus are both targeted and opportunistic –
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