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In Hospitals
Hannah Fidge,
Patient Services Manager, Medirest Hospital
The Challenge
With a team of over 100 staff, keeping track on how they’re going at any one time is a massive task and on paper it simply can’t be done
with efficiency. We have a limited number of resources so what we are looking to do is find the best possible productivity with the hours we’ve got.
• Supervising progress of large numbers of staff
• Finite resources when it comes to team and hours
• Reporting on infectious cleaning requirements
The Solution
The iClean System allowed us to look at our schedules holistically and see across the whole site, where we could move our hours to get better efficiencies. For the first time our supervisors could see before a shift even
ended how the cleaners were tracking and how much work needed to be handed over to the next team.
The Impact
When we rolled out the iClean System on
site we found that our cleaners became
more engaged with their work than they ever had before. They started coming to us with suggestions for how they could change the flow of their run sheets to make better use of their time and suggesting additional work they could take on.
Our supervisors used to spend half of their shifts walking around the facility to find and check in on the cleaners, but now in a few seconds they can see exactly how their team is going and who needs support.
Medirest, Hospitals
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iClean Hospitality Suite

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