Page 20 - An Overview for NSW Health Dictricts
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On the cleaning system including the use of thei
Group Training For All Cleaners
A training presentation will be conducted on your site for all cleaners to attend.
Training will include:
• Understanding TouchPoints
• Moisture management
• How to set up and maintain your new trolley • Safe working procedures for your new
microfibre tools
• Single area use of microfibre
• Keeping your trolley clean
• Using your iClean App
• Supervisor or Leading Hand Auditing • Manager dashboards
One On One Training
After the initial implementation presentation trainers will be available to train each cleaner allowing for individual attention.
Audited Feedback
Following the one on one training our trainers will complete an audit measuring how well they believe the cleaner has understood and implemented the training. This information will help trainers when they return for future auditing and re-training.

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