Page 13 - Interclean COVID SAFE cleaning systems for Croft
P. 13

   Soap, Water and 20 seconds of rubbing breaks down the lipid layer protecting the virus’s components. Without this enveloped layer around them they separate and die.
If we don’t have Soap, Water, & time, we need to use a stronger chemical like 75% Isopropyl alcohol, but make sure you are keeping the Touchpoints in your personal workspace clean, in particular your mobile phone, keyboard and computer mouse.
Basically we need to clean our Touchpoint surfaces in exactly the same way we wash our hands. We want the best quality microfibre,
with enough cleaner and disinfectant to break down germs, but with enough fibre to pickup and remove them, without damaging your surfaces.
If you require TGA registered wipes for disinfection and Infectious cleans, then you
can use our Hospital Disinfection wipes or our 1,000PPM Chlorine Isolation wipes or even add your own disinfectant to our 90 count rolls.

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