Page 21 - Interclean COVID SAFE cleaning systems for Croft
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• Broad-Spectrum Disinfection •EasyToUse
• Always Correct Dosing
The Chlorine Disinfection Isolation Wipes are a simple way to apply 1000ppm available chlorine to TouchPoints and hard surfaces.
By using Chlorine Disinfection TouchPoint Isolation Wipes you will experience a simple work procedure and achieve optimal disinfection of germs on areas where your infection control management requires the use of 1000ppm chlorine.
How to Prepare:
The packet contains a burst bag with a surfactant solution, which when perforated, releases liquid into the wipes resulting in a solution of 1000ppm active chlorine. The wipes are ready to use after 7 minutes.
If you are required to prepare your own Chlorine solution for wall washing or floor mopping,
our 1000ppm per litre chlorine tabs are your ideal solution. Our Chloreside Tabs are more concentrated, omit less odour and are less corrosive on surfaces than traditional bleach products.

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