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Hello AISF Community!

                                          Well, what a year 2019-20 has been!  Who could ever have predicted this?
                                          It certainly will be a year to remember.

                                          We opened our doors in August with 74 happy and energetic students on
                                          our books, the largest that we have been since the school reopened in 2015.
                                          And, for a while at least, we had a very normal year:

                                              •  We had a very enjoyable and ever-so-slightly spooky Halloween
                                                 celebration with our good friends from the US Embassy community
                                                 in October.
                                              •  We opened AISF to the community and hosted a well-attended and
                                                 very successful showing of Kirikou and the Sorceress for the
                                                 European film festival.
                                              •  We had a wonderful, exuberant Holiday Fest in December.
                                              •  We celebrated black history and read aloud weeks with community

                                                 assemblies and plenty of creative student presentations.
                                              •  And we did a lot of work while having a great deal of fun!

        We welcomed the New Year 2020 with hope and enthusiasm!
        Hope and enthusiasm, we still have, but the second half of the school year was hit by the uncertainty and
        concern caused by the international coronavirus pandemic.  We soon found ourselves planning for virtual
        learning should that become necessary, while desperately hoping that we would never have to go online!
        But, as you all know, after a final afternoon of enjoyable activities, some of which are documented in this
        Yearbook, we had to shut on the 31  March and go online—and online we have been until the end of the
        school year.

        As I write this introduction to the 2019-20 AISF Yearbook in May, our AISF community is scattered across
        the globe.  While I know that we are all definitely getting better at teaching and learning in the virtual
        world, I know that we all want to come together again!  While we are apart for now, I hope that this
        yearbook will bring us, as an AISF community, together in both spirit and memory.

        I am so impressed that we—students, parents, and staff—have come through this strange and difficult
        year with our sense of community intact.  Wherever you are—from Freetown, to the USA, to Iceland,
        Europe, and beyond—we at AISF send you all our very best wishes!

        In closing, I would like to extend thanks to Ambassador Maria Brewer and the good folks at the US
        Embassy for the superb support that they unfailing offer to the school.  We should offer thanks as well to
        the AISF Board which has supported and guided the school through this uncertain time.

        Never fear, the future is bright and we will be together again.

        Brian Roach
        AISF Director
        May 2020

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