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                                                            LEVEL 2

          PREPARE FOR EMPLOYMENT                                       11 CREDITS                 $165

          Want to get work ready?  Come to grips with what to
          expect when starting a new job. Learn to fill out an
          application form, how to understand your employment     CREDITS         THEORY        PRACTICAL
          contract and your rights as an employee. Learn
          strategies to manage problems at work and other
          important skills.
          Complete Complex Forms
          (NZQA 24871  v4)                                           2              Yes            No

          Describe an employment relationship, and the application
          of employment law to that relationship (NZQA 1979 v10)     3              Yes            No

          Apply a problem-solving method to a problem
          (NZQA 7123 v7)                                             3              Yes            No

          Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in                                Yes
          workplaces involving customer contact (NZQA 62 v9)         3              No         (workplace)

                                                                       11 CREDITS                 $165
           Tutuki – to extend and succeed - an inspirational,
           empowering journey. Tutuki is perfect for developing
           personal communication skills, good manners,
                                                                                                CREDITS  THEORY  PRACTICAL
           etiquette and behaviour that is appropriate in the
           workplace as well as the benefits of working with a
           diverse team.  Learn about teamwork, how to manage a
           workload and deal with stress in a new job.

           Demonstrate knowledge of diversity in the workplace
           (NZQA 377 v8)                                             2              Yes            No

           Communicate in a group/team which has an objective                                  (workplace or
           (NZQA 9677 v10)                                           3              Yes

           Demonstrate knowledge of time management
           (NZQA 12349 v6)                                           3              Yes            No

           Describe strategies for managing stress
           (12355 v6)                                                3              Yes            No

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