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              RETAIL SKILLS 101                                            10 CREDITS                 $165
              Learn how to maintain positive customer service
              interactions in a retail environment while following safe
              work practices. Employers need staff with these skills.   CREDITS       THEORY        PRACTICAL
              Being safe, positive and helpful is mandatory for all staff
              to look after customers and keep the business healthy and

               Use safe work practices in a retail environment under                                   Yes
               supervision                                                3             No          (workplace)
               (NZQA 11971 v7)

               Establish and maintain positive customer service                                        Yes
               interactions in a retail environment                       2             No          (workplace)
               (NZQA 11941 v7)

               Assist customers to select goods and/or services           5             No             Yes
               (NZQA 11938 v4)                                                                      (workplace)

              SUCCESS IN RETAIL                                            10 CREDITS                 $165

               Learning the skills required to be successful in retail,
               the importance of product knowledge and effective
               communication skills are only a couple of things this   CREDITS        THEORY        PRACTICAL
               package offers. This course also delves into the world
               of theft and fraud and the effect that can have to the

               Demonstrate knowledge of products and product
               information in a retail environment                        5             Yes             No
               (NZQA 28301 v3)

               Demonstrate knowledge of theft and fraud in a retail or
               distribution environment                                   5             Yes             No
               (NZQA 24997 v4)
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