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Dear Friends,
The Big Bang was the explosion from which our Universe— along with every particle, every element, and every
star and galaxy—dynamically emerged. Dramatic new revelations have occurred in recent decades, but there
is so much that is still unknown. This is the motivation behind the Frontiers of the Universe  agship initiative at the Weizmann Institute of Science: to reach into the unknown and generate new insights that will inform our understanding of the Universe and beyond.
Astrophysicists examine the vast reaches of outer space. Particle physicists study interactions that play out over the shortest distances known. The Weizmann Institute
is home to some of the world’s most respected and in uential physicists in both of these  elds, so there is no better place to embark on such an ambitious endeavor.
By promoting new approaches to astrophysics and particle physics experimentation, advancing physics theory, creating new initiatives in science education, and establishing Israel’s leading center for scienti c space missions, Frontiers of the Universe will emerge as a powerful engine for physics-related discovery.
I invite you to join the Weizmann Institute of Science on an odyssey into the future of physics.
Prof. Alon Chen
Weizmann Institute of Science

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