Page 8 - Frontiers of the Universe
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A new $50 million Frontiers building, now in the design stage, will create a uni ed home for astrophysicists and particle physicists at the Weizmann Institute. From theory, to experiment, to public outreach and education, the facility will jumpstart the multidisciplinary dialogue needed to generate progress in key areas.
The Frontiers building will house the Weizmann Institute’s rapidly growing program in space
science. It will include a center for high performance computing—the infrastructure required to analyze “big data” transmitted in real time from Weizmann-designed space missions. Workshops for the prototyping
and construction of telescopic technologies will promote innovative advances in astrophysics.
The building will welcome and inspire the space scientists of tomorrow.
A rich educational program, including an auditorium where visitors and school groups can watch live- streamed videos of satellite and telescope operations, will make the Frontiers building a site of pilgrimage for stargazers young and old.
This facility will also support the Weizmann Institute’s activities
in particle physics, providing the specialized infrastructure and resources needed to analyze interactions between subatomic particles, while housing workrooms for the development of next- generation detectors. These activities are expected to shed light on the physics of the quantum world, and to gather critical data about dark matter—believed to account for over 80% of the matter in the Universe.

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