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Year in Review – Currently Held Grants
Dr. Uri Tabori
Clinical translation of novel immune-based combination therapies for paediatric hypermutant cancers. Stand Up To Cancer
Biological and pre-clinical studies to enable TIL therapy clinical trial in pediatric hypermutant cancers. V Foundation for Cancer Research
NanoString Counter Vantage 3D platform-based complementary diagnostic tests for precision medicine in pediatric cancers. Genome Canada
Catalyzing the University of Toronto as a global epicenter for translational research and training. Connaught Global Translational Award
A comprehensive clinical and molecular characterization of low-grade gliomas in adolescents and young adults. b.r.a.i.n.child
A Phase 2 study of trametinib for patients with pediatric glioma or plexiform neurofibroma with refractory tumor and activation of the MAPK/ERK pathway. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Biological and translational implications of replication repair deficiency and hyper mutation in human cancer. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Molecular based approach to improve outcome for children and young adults with low-grade glioma. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Dr. Michael Taylor
The New Roads Team – Innovative approaches to curing brain tumours. Cancer Research UK
Improving therapy by targeting the biological differences between micro- and macro-metastasis in central nervous system tumors. Matthew Larson Foundation for Pediatric Brain Tumors (IronMatt)
Novel therapeutic targets for group 3 medulloblastoma stem cells. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Immunotherapeutic targeting of a novel spliceosomal RNA mutation in cancer. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Tackling childhood brain cancer at the root to improve survival and quality of life. Genome Canada
Prevention and treatment of lethal metastases in group 3 medulloblastoma. National Institutes of Health – United States
Targeting brain tumor cell epigenetics and molecular networks. Stand Up To Cancer Cancer Stem Cell
Cellular and genetic heterogeneity as a therapeutic hurdle an opportunity for Ontarians with brain cancer. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Immunogenomics to create new therapies for high risk childhood cancers. St. Baldrick’s Foundation – Stand Up to Cancer Pediatric Dream Team
Heterogeneity amongst metastases in children with medulloblastoma: Focusing on the real problem. National Institutes of Health – United States
Heterogeneity through space and time drive the clinical behaviour of childhood medulloblastoma. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Developmental studies to inform clinical stratification and targeting of SHH MB. National Institutes of Health – United States
Post-therapy metastasis: Facing the real challenge of medulloblastoma treatment. The SWIFTY Foundation
Canada’s Genomics Enterprise.
Canada Foundation for Innovation
PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE.
Terry Fox Research Institute
Oxygen is poison – How incorrect modelling of the human microenvironment has impeded paediatric research. Canada Foundation for Innovation
Targeting circulating metastatic cells as a novel approach for cancer therapy. V-Foundation Pediatric Cancer
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