Page 19 - Labatt BTRC Annual Report 2020-2021
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  Created in 1999, the dove, symbolizing hope, is carrying a twig in its beak. The twig is actually a piece of double-stranded DNA representing molecular medicine. Together, they symbolize the mandate of the BTRC: Hope through molecular medicine.
Dr. Vijay Ramaswamy
Molecular and functional characterization of childhood ependymoma. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
SubINT PP costs Phase I/lb trial of combined 5’azacitidine and carboplatin for recurrent/ refractory pediatric brain and solid tumors and recurrent or refractory ependymoma. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Unravelling the DNA damage response. SickKids Foundation
Inhibiting the DNA damage response pathway in CNS high-grade neuroepithelial tumors with BCOR alteration. Meagan’s HUG (Meagan Bebenek Foundation)
Genomic determinants of outcome in high-risk medulloblastoma of infancy. b.r.a.i.n.child
Dr. James Rutka
Molecular therapeutic targeting of malignant gliomas. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Enhancing the delivery of novel chemotherapeutics to diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Long non-coding RNA regulation of the cancer stem cell population in glioblastoma. b.r.a.i.n.child
BTRC pediatric biologics repository and database for brain tumours. Meagan’s HUG (Meagan Bebenek Foundation)
Dr. Gelareh Zadeh
Pilot evaluation of an e-Health program to improve the transition of neurosurgical patients from remote locations to specialist neurosurgical care, across life’s trajectory from pediatric to adult, and through dynamic changes in acute or chronic health states. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Triggers and targets in the tumor microenvironment: Hypoxia and beyond. Terry Fox Research Institute
Genomic and epigenomic characterization of NF1-related spectrum of peripheral nerve sheath tumors. U.S. Department of Defense
Analysis of the epigenomic landscape of chordoma.
Canadian Cancer Society
Understanding the mechanisms of treatment response in glioblastoma. Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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