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    Other examples of improvement in computer-functionality include:
Examples where claims may not be sufficient to show an improvement in computer-functionality:
 • a modification of conventional internet hyperlink protocol to dynamically produce a dual-source hybrid webpage
• inventive distribution of functionality within a network to filter internet content
• a method of rendering a halftone digital image
•a distributed network architecture operating in an unconventional fashion to reduce network congestion while generating networking accounting data records,
•a memory system having programmable operational characteristics that are configurable based on the type of processor, which can be used with different types of processors without a tradeoff in processor performance
• technical details as to how to transmit images over a cellular network or append classification information to digital image data
• particular structure of a server that stores organized digital image
• a particular way of programming or designing software to create menus
• a method that generates a security profile that identifies both hostile and potentially hostile operations, and can protect the user against both previously unknown viruses and “obfuscated code,” which is an improvement over traditional virus scanning.
•an improved user interface for electronic devices that displays an application summary of unlaunched applications, where the particular data in the summary is selectable by a user to launch the respective application
•specific interface and implementation for navigating complex three-dimensional spreadsheets using techniques unique to computers; and
• a specific method of restricting software operation within a license
• generating restaurant menus with functionally claimed features
• accelerating a process of analyzing audit log data when the increased speed comes solely from the capabilities of a general-purpose computer
• mere automation of manual processes, such as using a generic computer to process an application for financing a purchase
• speeding up a loan-application process by enabling borrowers to avoid physically going to or calling each lender and filling out a loan application
• recording, transmitting, and archiving digital images by use of conventional or generic technology in a nascent but well-known environment, without any assertion that the invention reflects an inventive solution to any problem presented by combining a camera and a cellular telephone
• affixing a barcode to a mail object in order to more reliably identify the sender and speed up mail processing, without any limitations specifying the technical details of the barcode or how it is generated or processed;
• instructions to display two sets of information on a computer display in a non-interfering manner, without any limitations specifying how to achieve the desired result;
• providing historical usage information to users while they are inputting data, in order to improve the quality and organization of information added to a database, because an improvement to the information stored by a database is not equivalent to an improvement in the database’s functionality; and
• arranging transactional information on a graphical user interface in a manner that assists traders in processing information more quickly.
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