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Contributing authors
Brian Weimer Partner, Washington, D.C.
Brian has over 20 years of experience practicing before CFIUS on transactions ranging in value from $15m to $15B on behalf of both strategic and financial investors. His practice is currently actively focused on transaction involving asia (including China and Japan in particular) and the middle East
Anne Perry, Partner Washington, D.C.
anne concentrates in the areas of government Contracts law and litigation and is a lecturer and author in the area. She specializes in the nISpOm regulations on foreign ownership and control of companies and facilities with security clearances.
Scott Maberry, Partner, Washington D.C.
Scott counsels foreign investors and U.S. targets on the national security and foreign policy aspects of their transactions, and has guided multiple deals through to successful CFIUS outcomes.
Joe Jay, Partner, Washington D.C.
Joe represents both buyers and sellers before CFIUS, preparing notices, engaging with CFIUS, advocating for transactions, and negotiating mitigation agreements, including proxy and special security agreements, as appropriate. most recently, Joe represented two Chinese corporations each of which received clearance for their acquisition of U.S. industrial assets.
Curt Dombek, Partner, Brussels, Belgium
Curt has practiced since 1983 in the field of international trade. He advises clients on the full range of international regulatory issues. Curt has served on the president’s Export Council Subcommittee on Export administration for the current and previous presidential administrations.

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