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2.6. Filing Your Final Notice
Once the parties have addressed any comments or questions from CFIUS on their draft notice, it is time to submit the final CFIUS notice. The final notice involves some particular formalities – so get your most diligent, detail-oriented folks on board to make sure the filing is perfect and will be accepted by CFIUS.
2.6.1. Final Notice Filing Formalities
Your final notice must be submitted to CFIUS both electronically and in hard-copy form. CFIUS will not accept a notice until it has received both. If your electronic submission is larger than five megabytes (5MB), you will have to break it up into multiple files as 5MB is the largest file the Committee will accept. If some of the documents you want to submit are over 5MB and publicly available online, the Committee asks that you submit a hyperlink to these documents. Electronic notices should be sent to Hard-copy notices should be mailed to the following address:

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