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      Sales:                              Payment Terms:                      Lifetime Warranty:
      Tel: (800) 461 5901                 •   1% 10 days. Net 30 days.          is applicable to the original purchaser
                                                                                with a bill of sale

      Aldo Marchese Ext. 238              Freight:                            •  Product Function: All Rubinet products are
      (                  •   F.O.B. Rubinet Warehouse.         guaranteed against factory defects or poor
                                          •   Shipments into the U.S.A. are prepaid and
                                            added to the invoice.               workmanship and will be repaired or
      Frank Luisi Ext. 237                •   Claims against shortages and damages    replaced at no charge.
      (                   must be made at the time of receipt against    •  Product Finishes: Any new product found
                                            the carrier.                        to be defective due to blemishes or
                                                                                discolouration will be refinished or replaced
      Customer Service:                   •   Special requests for carriers and conditions    at no charge.
      Tel: (800) 461 5901                   should be discussed with a Rubinet  •  Lifetime warranty does not apply to Oil
      Ext. 242                              representative.                     Rubbed Bronze, Tuscan Brass and Natural
      Ext. 225                            Return Policy:                        Brass. These are considered live finishes
      Ext. 226                            •   A RMA (Return Material Authorization)    and will change over time as a result of
                                                                                normal use.
      Press ‘0’ for Operator                must be requested from Rubinet Faucet  •  All Drain Finishes are not covered under
                                            for each return.                    warranty.
      Technical Support:                  •   Rubinet will complete and acknowledge  •  All Outdoor Shower finishes are not
      Ken Xuereb                            the RMA to the customer. This completed    covered under warranty
                                            copy of the RMA must accompany any  •  Warranty does not apply to the replacement
                                            product being returned.             of components where damage is caused by
      Address (Canada):                     The RMA number must also appear on    normal wear and tear.
      The Rubinet Faucet Company            the outside of each parcel.
      10 Corstate Avenue                  •   Area Rep may be requested to inspect and  Warranty not valid if:
      Concord, ON L4K 4X2                   verify the nature of the return.  •  Improperly installed.
                                          •  When product verification is required, please  •  Plumbers putty is used.
                                                                              •  Cleaners containing chemicals or
      Address (U.S.A.):                     provide a picture or request additional    abrasives are used.
      The Rubinet Faucet Company            information from our customer service or  •  Unique customized configurations not
      1010 Niagara Street                   sales department.                   normally offered by Rubinet are used.
      Buffalo, N.Y. 14213                 •   Authorized items must be returned within  •  Unique special finishes not normally
                                            60 days of the original invoice date.
                                                                                offered by Rubinet are used.
                                            Customer is responsible for freight charges
      Telephone:                            back to Rubinet.                  Maintenance:
      (905) 851-6781                      •   RMA’s will be cancelled after 60 days if  •  The use of warm water and a soft cloth to
      (800) 461-5901                        merchandise is not received.        dry is all that is required to clean Rubinet
                                          •  Due to each faucet being custom built to    products. The Patina of our living finishes
      Fax:                                  order, returns will be subject to a 50%    (Oil Rubbed Bronze, Tuscan Brass, Natural
                                                                                Brass) will change as a result of normal
      (905) 851-8031                        restocking charge with the exception of    use. Applying Mineral Oil on occasion will
      (905) 760-9752                        chrome & satin nickel finish, which is 25%.    create a softer look, subtle colour changes,
                                          •   Product being returned on the RMA must
                                            refer to the original Rubinet invoice number.    and character.
      Website:                            •   All returned product must be in the original  Note:                       carton and be in good saleable condition.  •  Rubinet is not responsible for labour charges   •   Refer to the shipping address on the RMA form.    or damages in connection with the sale,                                               use, installation or replacement of Rubinet
      Download ‘Rubinet App’ to mobile    Advertising:                          Products.
                                          •  Advertising material and co-op advertising  •  For Parts List, refer to our website.
                                            are available upon request.       •  Product images are for illustration purposes
      E-Mail:                             •  Further details and conditions are available    only. The actual finishes and colours of                      from a Rubinet Representative.      products may vary.
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