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» Axon’ Cable’s MicroMach SpaceWire links are compact, robust, impedance-matched cable assemblies that support high-speed data rates up to 3Gb/s, which is well in excess of traditional SpaceWire capabilities. They also support Cat 6A (10GBASE-T) and Cat8 (40GBASE-T) Ethernet and TT-Ethernet protocols and are qualified by the ESA and on the European Preferred Parts List.
Quick and Easy Integration
The trend towards smaller satellites orbiting in LEO has driven systems engineers to integrate maximum functionality in a minimal space. The design of interconnect components is directly impacted by this need for miniaturization and flexibility. For example, D-Sub power connectors long used in satellite applications are actively being replaced by micro-D connectors, which offer substantial space and weight savings.
» Derived from Micro-D technology, Axon’s Versatys power and RF connectors are 40% smaller and lighter than traditional D-Sub connectors, don’t require any installation tools, and mate and lock with a single click. Versatys power connectors are rated for up to 40A (20A derated), while Versatys RF connectors deliver excellent RF performance at 40GHz. Both variants are also available in both mil/aero and space versions, resistant to ATOX and radiation, ITAR-free, and easy to repair.
In order to cover as much of the Earth’s surface as possible, traditional satellite constellations, which were typically comprised of just a small handful of satellites, are gradually being replaced by new mega-constellations, which often contain several hundred satellites. Building satellites in such high volumes implies faster and more cost-effective integration solutions. One way to accelerate the often challenging and time-consuming (and, as such, costly) harness integration process is to use connectors equipped with tool-free, user-friendly mating and latching mechanisms. Quick-mating technologies also make it easier to use miniature connectors in systems where gaining access with tools could be difficult, which is often the case in today’s compact satellites. As such, several leading connector suppliers now offer quick-mating, cost-effective, space-grade solutions.

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