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To complement its existing discrete wire cable assembly portfolio, Harwin now offers high-reliability connectors with attached FPCs. The FPCs employed in these assemblies have a copper-clad polyimide base with a bonded overlay, as well as a rigid area at the free end that is designed to be compatible with both zero- and low-insertion-force (ZIF and LIF) FPC connector types.
Available for Harwin’s 2mm-pitch Datamate J-Tek and 1.25mm-pitch Gecko connector products, these new FPC options are ideally suited to space-constrained system designs, as their low profile means that boards can be stacked much closer to one another. Furthermore, the use of right-angled connector components makes the cabling much easier to access, as this allows the terminations to be placed at the edge of the board rather than closer to the center.
» Harwin’s Datamate and Gecko product lines can now be configured with FPC cable assemblies.
Harwin’s Gecko FPC assemblies have a 0.5mm pitch and a 0.4A current rating per track, while its Datamate FPC assemblies have a 1mm pitch and a 1A current rating per track, and both can support a wide range of operating temperatures. FPC designs can also be assembled with custom sizes and lengths to match customers’ needs.
In addition, an extensive array of off the-shelf discrete cable assemblies are available direct from stock. Featuring PTFE insulation, these assemblies fully conform with the internationally respected IPC WHMA-A-620 cable harnessing standard and are available in various cable lengths with a choice of single-ended or double-end arrangements. Bespoke assemblies can also be sourced to match customers’ specific requirements, and small minimum order quantities make it easy and affordable to specify these assemblies for development and prototyping work.
FPCs and discrete wire cabling each offer distinct advantages in applications with significant space and weight constraints, so cabling selections should be dictated by the specific operating environment and electrical and mechanical requirements of a given application. Experienced cable assembly suppliers like Harwin can help you make the right choice.
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