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Five Factors to Consider When Selecting Machined Pin Receptacles for Mission-Critical Connections
Jim Peluso, Global Sales Manager, Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.
Machined pin receptacles are precision manufactured solutions that directly contribute to the design of durable, high-reliability connector systems used in a broad range of electronics applications. In fact, building better high- reliability, harsh-environment connectors starts with these critical elements. High-quality, precision-machined pins and receptacles are the very foundation of the exceptionally durable and high-performance connectors used to deliver power and signal in rigorous operating conditions.
ยป Mill-Max pin receptacles can accommodate a wide range of components. A few of the different components that can be plugged into receptacles include relays, DC/DC converters, power supplies, switches, LEDs, seven-segment displays, capacitors, clock oscillators, and sensors.
Many electronic products require interconnectivity between PCBs. Pin receptacles make devices and modules pluggable for assembly, repair, and replacement. The configurations can vary, but daughter cards that plug into motherboards are common. In addition, some PCBs connect edge to edge, while others are vertically stacked. But versatile interconnect suppliers can design and develop pin receptacles that support the full range of possible configurations.
To specify the right machined pin receptacles for your application, consider these five guiding factors.
1. Application Environment and Performance Demands
Machined pin receptacles are a strong choice for connectors used in critical applications that demand exceptionally high performance and quality standards. When the cost and consequences of failure are significant, integrating these components into your connectivity solution provides additional reassurance. Products including medical devices, safety equipment, defense applications, and aerospace electronics often require a highly reliable connector or pin and receptacle combination that is unique to the equipment and can endure the rigors of demanding operating environments. Products used in law enforcement, automotive systems, security equipment, and gas, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection devices require fail-safe connectivity solutions. To design in reliability, the first step is to fully understand the requirements of the application.

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