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As evidenced in the table, solderless compression interposers equipped with modern compression contacts are highly recommended for harsh-environment applications due to qualities including their simple, single-piece contact design with dual-compression capabilities, their ability to establish multiple points of contact in ganged configurations, and their proven ability to effectively absorb and compensate for movement caused by even high shock and vibration and deliver long service lives.
Solderless compression interposers are suitable for use in a wide range of harsh-environment applications — far more than can be easily addressed here — but are most suitable for board-to-board or flex circuit-to-board applications. Some of the most common applications for compression interposers include test and measurement equipment, satellites, missiles and munitions systems, fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, avionics, power supplies, industrial equipment, and ground-, air-, and sea-based radar.
In Conclusion
Despite the prevalent misperception regarding their durability and reliability — which, as evidenced here, in myriad connector supplier test reports, and by years of field-proven performance, couldn’t be further from the truth — solderless compression interposers offer many advantages over traditional pin-and-socket connectors, and even solderless press-fit connectors, in a wide range of harsh-environment applications and, as such, are worthy of consideration for future designs. Partnering with connector suppliers proven experienced in the design, development, and deployment of solderless compression connectors in harsh environments offers the surest path to successful implementation. AirBorn’s solution engineers, for instance, are readily available and well equipped to assist with the design-in of standard catalog interposers, or to leverage our quick-turn interposer prototype capabilities to create a custom-designed housing utilizing standard contact and hardware options.
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