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When High-Reliability Fiber Optic Transceivers Make the Most Sense
When considering the switch to fiber, many customers start by looking at transceivers designed for the telecoms market. These solutions are lower cost and possibly higher speed, but they are not as robust or well-designed as transceivers designed specifically for military and aerospace applications and cannot deliver anywhere near the best combination of quality, size, performance, and reliability in demanding, high-reliability, harsh-environment applications.
» Cinch Connectivity Solutions designs and develops a wide range of high-performance transceivers with optimal SWaP characteristics, many of which are half the size of standard competing products, if not smaller. Cinch also offers compact hybrid transceivers, which feature die mounted on and wire bonded to ceramic boards and deliver high-reliability performance optimized for even the most demanding military and aerospace applications.
To make sure the overall system can fully benefit from SWaP-optimized, high-performance transceivers, it’s important to consider a hybrid or small footprint transceiver as early as possible in the design process. Small fiber optic transceivers offer many benefits, but they may not work for everyone. For example, existing board designs could require a transceiver of a certain size. In this situation, custom-built transceivers that are designed with a specific size in mind but use standard interfaces and are tested in accordance with existing military specifications could be an excellent alternative.
Some applications in the heavy-duty industrial, oil and gas, and medical markets have more demanding mechanical and electrical performance requirements than standard commercial products but less stringent demands than applications like rockets and military drones. These types of applications often have a pressing need for higher speed, high-signal-integrity communications. In these cases, custom or semi-custom versions of high-performance transceivers can often be made to satisfy specific size and performance requirements at a competitive price point and in a smaller footprint than typical telecoms products.
Many military and aerospace customers require rugged, high-reliability, high-speed transceivers especially designed to provide the best combination of SWaP characteristics and withstand an array of environmental hazards. For the most demanding of these applications, partnering with a proven-experienced supplier like Cinch Connectivity Solutions is the best way to ensure that your transceiver delivers the most optimal SWaP performance possible along with other critical qualities, such as environmental sealing or an extended temperature range.
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