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Si-Fly, the CPC Series cable system, and CPI socket strip, are currently available with eight differential pairs per cable assembly and 15 differential pairs per socket. The Direct Connect cable connector routes signals from the 34AWG ultra-low-skew twinax cable directly to the contact system to further enhance signal integrity performance. In addition, the profile of the CPI socket is a low 3.25mm (surface-mount version) or 4.40mm (overhang version), depending on the mounting option selected.
» Figure 7: The Samtec Si-Fly system incorporates a low-profile, high-precision micro-contact system and low-skew, micro-twinax cables in a small footprint.
The Direct Connect system has also been designed to support optical connectivity in the future. Direct connect to the package offers a path to 224Gb/s PAM4 performance. With reduced loss, tradeoffs can be made on reach or performance.
In Conclusion
Achieving consistent, reliable 112Gb/s PAM4 performance requires removing as much loss from the signal channel as possible. Samtec Flyover cable systems are one option and have a successful track record of achieving these results.
The Samtec Si-Fly system incorporates a high-precision micro-contact system, low-skew, micro-twinax cables, a low profile, and a small footprint to avoid interfering with any thermal mitigation techniques. This system also uses a recent innovation to the Flyover cable strategy — Direct Connect technology — to integrate the connector in the silicon package to elude the BGA and route the signal directly from the silicon package through a long-reach twinax cable, enabling speeds of 25.6TB/s aggregate with a path to 51.2TB/s, as well as five times the reach of traditional PCB technologies.
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