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Push-In Connections with Lever Operation
Push-in connection terminal blocks with lever operation are the new kid on the block in terms of connection technology and actuation style. Featuring an ergonomic, touch-safe lever design, these terminal blocks allow for a 100% tool-free wiring experience and establish safe, reliable connections. As with all push-in style terminal blocks, certain wire types can be directly inserted even without lever operation. To establish stranded or flexible wire connections, users simply need to lift the lever, introduce the wire, and then close the lever. This process delivers fast, easy, and reliable wiring connections every time, eliminating any concerns about connection quality. As such, push-in connection terminal blocks with lever operation are the single most convenient type of terminal block to use for field wiring. This easy, tool-free operation also eliminates the risk of a wayward tool damaging the sensitive electronics nearby, particularly in the case of PCB connections.
The one issue users may run into with lever-actuated push-in terminal blocks is space. The physical dimensions of some applications could prevent access to, or otherwise impede, the travel arc of the lever. In that case, users would have to select a different type of terminal block. However, as lever actuation becomes more common — and eventually becomes the industry standard — people are going to be hard-pressed to go back to anything else.
Lever actuation terminal blocks are being designed into next-generation industrial products all the time. WAGO, for example, has partnered with ChargePoint to help wire their CT4000 family of charging stations with PCB lever- actuated terminal blocks. These stations are designed to provide both large businesses and individual vehicle owners with a place to quickly and safely charge electric vehicles.
» WAGO’s lever-actuated 2102-1201 TOPJOB S and 2606-1353 PCB Terminal Blocks.
Determining which connection technology and method of actuation to use will depend on a number of factors, including the type of application, available space, and wire type. Push-in terminal blocks with spring clamp connection technology have made wiring faster, easier, safer, more reliable, and more durable than competing industrial connection technologies. Push-in terminal blocks also offer tool operation, push-button, and lever operation for broad application suitability and establish maintenance-free connections that save on total applied costs. For help finding the right connection technology and actuation method for your industrial application, partner with a connector supplier with proven experience in the industrial market and a wide variety of high-quality terminal blocks.
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