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Due to the customizable nature of the silver-clad iON EV solution, the design team and metallurgists can evaluate the tradeoffs of using different material quantities to create the level of conductivity that best fits individual EV charging designs. There are several customizable options for this material solution, including inlay, strips, overlay, using a silver contact on one side, and using certain metals as a backside structure. This customizable clad material is very scalable, offering useful solutions for a range of EV charging terminal designs.
The Future of High-Speed Charging Connections
High-speed EV chargers are expected to increase by five times over the next five years, making it increasingly critical for EV design engineers to have access to connector material solutions proven capable of adapting to the continuously changing, high-power environment. The new high-performance, silver-based iON EV clad material from Materion provides the customizability and reliability that the industry needs now and well into the future.
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