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Three Things Designers Should Consider When Selecting ICMs for OCP Applications
• What Ethernet speeds do I need to support? As of late 2020, OCP NIC 3.0 adapters come in two speeds: 1GBASE-T and 10GBASE-T, the latter of which is backward compatible. However, it is likely that 25GBASE-T adapters will be available within the next year or two.
• Which Ethernet PHY am I planning to use? There are three main silicon suppliers for OCP adapters: Broadcom, Intel, and Marvell. Card designers must decide which silicon supplier’s product best suits their needs and then match that to the appropriate ICM. Most ICM suppliers have cross reference guides that help designers match chip part numbers to corresponding ICM part numbers.
• How many ports must my card have? OCP-compliant RJ45 Ethernet ICMs come in three basic port configurations: single, dual, and quad. How many ports are needed will vary depending on the purpose of the card.
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