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» TE Connectivity’s Mini-ETH Single-Pair Ethernet solutions can use shielded 369 Series Connectors with up to 37% smaller cross-sectional area compared to traditional micro circular connectors. Top Left: A durable, unibody 369 Series shell. Top Right: A Mini-ETH assembly with metal braid terminations. Bottom Left: A Mini-ETH assembly with sealing boots. Bottom Right: An overmolded Mini-ETH cable assembly.
Considering the Total Aircraft Ethernet Application
At the beginning of a design project, it is valuable to view interconnects holistically as part of the system. Every connection counts in reducing aircraft SWaP and ensuring Ethernet network reliability. When implementing an SPE interconnect solution, network designers and EWIS engineers can draw upon an integrated family of products described under aerospace ARINC standards. Qualified manufacturers can offer practical insights into designing, manufacturing, and implementing all of the components along the wire of the connected aircraft, including sensors, monitors, IFE systems, video transceivers, Wi-Fi antennas, data links, and more. By achieving the optimum balance between performance, cost, and SWaP, designers can ensure their aircraft Ethernet connectivity project will perform smarter and lighter.
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