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High-speed data rates, high bandwidth, EMI immunity, smaller size, and lighter weight are just a few attributes that have expanded the use of fiber optic technology. The evolution of fiber optic cables and connectors has combined rugged, durable, high-speed transmission performance suitable for use in virtually any environment with user- friendliness and simplified installation and has significantly contributed to the sustained growth of fiber optic systems. However, to realize all of the benefits of fiber optics, systems must be designed, manufactured, and installed more precisely than copper cable systems. There is less wiggle room for inaccuracies when coupling fiber, splicing fiber, and connecting fiber, and when these processes are done incorrectly, they can lead to signal loss. But when done correctly, fiber optic connectivity systems will transmit more high-signal-integrity data at faster speeds across farther distances and through harsher environments than any other data transmission technology.
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