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The latest dust-insensitive connectivity innovation is referred to as the Lotus Effect. If you have ever seen a pond lily or lotus after a light rain, you will recall how the water bead seemed to be nearly spherical as it sat on top of the leaf and gently rolled off with the slightest movement. That hydrophobic phenomenon is the result of the fine hair-like structure and waxy coating of the lotus leaf. The Lotus Effect is an emerging hydrophobic and anti-static end-face treatment that aims to replicate that same high surface tension on the end face of the connector. While other dust- insensitive connectivity technologies focus on mitigating the effects of debris, this technology aims to prevent the adhesion in the first place. In addition, although Lotus Effect technology can be applied to single-ferrule connectors, the current development focus is on multifiber connectivity.
The Lotus Effect approach also involves a secondary manufacturing process in which the finished ferrule is placed into a chamber where the end face surface is prepped and a bonded plasma coating is applied. The plasma bond process creates a hydrophobic coating on the connector that achieves a high surface tension and anti-static properties and makes it difficult for liquid and debris to accumulate and stick. Additionally, in the event that debris does stick, a simple non-contact process using plain water and compressed air can be used to clean it.
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