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Saving weight is a key issue for spacecraft
Space components must be as light as possible to reduce launching costs. The weight can be reduced by using lightweight materials such as aluminum for the connector body. The heaviest part of the assembly is the cable, so construction of the cable must be optimized to reduce the weight. Alternative solutions to the standard SpaceWire cable can create 50% weight savings.
» The Axon’ MicroMach cable assembly made with low mass SpaceWire cable to ESCC 3902/004
The quality of the design, manufacture, and control of the complete transmission line — consisting of the cable, the cable connector, the equipment connector, and the bonding to the PCB — are essential to safely transmit the information contained in the electrical signal with a safety margin. This safety margin is essential for applications requiring high reliability. The shielding is not only a screen against electromagnetic interferences but also protects the system from digital data spying for defense or sensitive applications.
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